nutrient variety: why you need it and how to make it easy

nutrient variety: why you need it and how to make it easy
starting on your wellness journey, you might be overwhelmed trying to figure out what your body needs for maximum results. many wellness advocates promote different “super foods,” and yes, some of them likely are amazing for your body & gut! but to clear up some confusion, let’s spill the real deal on nutrient variety.
whatever your physique or wellness goals may be: fat loss, building muscle, improving digestion, increasing natural energy levels, or just wanting to be the healthiest version of yourself, nutrient variety plays a huge role. here’s why:
  1. our body needs vitamins and minerals found in different foods to be in the best position for building muscle or losing fat.
yes, a calorie surplus / deficit is needed for these goals as well but a lack of essential nutrients causes inflammation, which will stall our metabolism. With the right nutrient balance, our body can fight chronic inflammation to help our metabolism run smoothly. These nutrients will also aid in recovery to ensure we’re progressing efficiently.
  1. our gut microbiome thrives on variety!
to maintain balance in our gut, we need the amount of good bacteria to outweigh the bad. good bacteria feed on a wide range of nutrients and fibers. the greater variety of nutrients in our diet means we have more beneficial bacteria, resulting in a healthier microbiome. this means better digestion and less bloating. our gut is also the center of production for many essential hormones, so a happy gut = happy hormones = amazing energy, mood and skin 😊
it can be super challenging and expensive trying to get in as many different nutrient-dense foods as possible, and honestly, they might not all taste great. this is why adding in a greens supplement can be so helpful! beam’s super greens has you covered with:
  • 26 fruits & vegetables (hi, nutrients)
  • prebiotic fibers to aid in gut health
  • antioxidants to improve overall health and fight inflammation
  • 6 delicious flavors to choose from, including cherry limeade & chocolate
the product is also gluten & soy free, non-gmo, naturally flavored & sweetened.
instead of stressing about fitting the entire produce section into your diet, make it happen just by taking 1 scoop of super greens per day mixed with water or any beverage 😊

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