our story

learn about the meaning behind the word BEAM

our story

BEAM is one of those words that has more to it than meets the eye. BEAM stands for Be Amazing. The best version of you is different for everyone. For Mike, one of our founders, the word BEAM has been life changing. BEAM happens to be the name of the cancer treatment that saved his life. Pretty amazing, right?

our mission

BEAM’s mission is to create superior products. How do we guarantee this? By controlling the entire process. From sourcing and importing the raw ingredients, to our in-house flavor team, down to the manufacturing and production of the final product. We do it all. No matter your goals, passions, or skills, we’re here to help you BEAM.

our difference - we control the process

from farm to shaker (basically)

from the raw ingredients

to the flavor creation

to manufacturing

we do it all.

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Hawaiian breeze now live
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#40 Scoops / Hawaiian Breeze
Supplement Facts #40 Scoops / Hawaiian Breeze
pre workout
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best tasting super greens by beam be amazing chocolate flavor#30 Servings / Chocolate
#30 Servings / Chocolate
super greens
cinnamon cereal restock
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beam vegan protein cinnamon cereal best tasting vegan protein# 25 Servings / Cinnamon Cereal
vegan protein cinnamon cereal nutrition facts# 25 Servings / Cinnamon Cereal
vegan protein
Vanilla Restocked
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beam be amazing vanilla soft serve whey protein naturally flavored clean ingredients#25 Servings / Vanilla Soft Serve
#25 Servings / Vanilla Soft Serve
whey protein isolate