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I absolutely love this protein.

I love this protein powder! It has clean ingredients and tastes great which is hard to find in protein powders! It has really improved my post workout recovery and energy throughout the day!

Laura G.

Best tasting vegan protein powder!!

“Best tasting vegan protein powder!! I don’t even need to add anything to! Shake and drink! It amazing! Perfect for the gains, fits into my macros, it’s super smooth, makes a great batter for mug cake. It’s taste like dessert, but has so much nutritional value.”

Colleen R.

It's As Good As It Sounds

"Y'all, this is as good as it sounds. I'm blown away that this tastes as good as it does. Texture is also pleasant, not gritty. I mix this with some oat milk and I'm a happy camper. A fantastic reward after a workout."

Kristian L.

brown sugar oatmeal

a fan favorite! brown sugar oatmeal tastes like fall. It's perfect in yogurt, oatmeal, or with milk or water!

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birthday cake


every day feels like your birthday with this flavor. Enjoy the taste of birthday cake with NO ADDED SUGAR!

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chocolate brownie batter

this one is for the chocolate lovers! no need to feel guilty after having this. there's 0g of added sugar, 20g of protein per serving and 100% deliciousness!

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cinnamon cereal

tastes exactly like your favorite cinnamon cereal! dairy & gluten free, but without losing the incredible taste. 

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fruity cereal

this nostalgic flavor will bring you back to childhood! Amazing in a smoothie or blended with milk.

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