stop normalizing feeling like trash. 8 things you should be feeling most days

stop normalizing feeling like trash. 8 things you should be feeling most days
feeling terrible every day has become so normalized, a lot of people don’t even realize what it’s like to feel good. part of this is likely due to our high expectations of ourselves, society telling us that feeling these symptoms is okay, or the “grind” culture that you might experience as a result of your environment. a lot of people aren’t aware their symptoms could be improved or that they even have symptoms - when we’ve been feeling like trash for a while, it’s easy to normalize it.
here’s the deal: it’s not normal to feel tired, bloated, or irritable all the time. everyone has bad days here and there where you might experience some of these but overall it’s so, so possible to get to a point where you feel amazing on the regular! 
here are 8 things you should feel most days, and what to do if you’re not:
  1. rested when you wake up in the morning. not having to snooze your alarm 10 times or peel yourself out of bed.
  2. stable energy throughout the day without needing a ton of caffeine.
  3. a positive and mostly calm mood rather than frequent irritability.
  4. satiated and energized after meals rather than lethargic and bloated.
  5. normal hunger signals and appetite. not overly starving, not extremely full all the time.
  6. confident in your food choices.
  7. ability to think clearly without brain fog.
  8. not struggling to fall asleep at night.
so what’s the next step if you’re feeling these on the daily, or at least regularly? here’s what we suggest:
  • take a look at your diet. are you eating enough calories for your body with a solid ratio of macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs)? also make sure you’re including enough micronutrients like fruits and veggies for fiber and antioxidants.
    • beam’s vegan or whey protein + super greens are great additions if you’re lacking here! 
      • protein powder is convenient and easy to throw into a meal to make it balanced, plus it comes in the tastiest flavors like blueberry muffin and chocolate peanut butter.
      • super greens has 26 fruits and vegetables per serving, giving you that micronutrient variety and antioxidants your body needs to promote energy and support your immune system!
  • what’s your sleep like? you should be sleeping 7-9 hours per night for your body to properly recover. if that’s not happening, check out our blog post here on how to get the best sleep!
  • are you over or undertraining? too much training and not enough rest can certainly result in one or more of those 8 symptoms, but so can under-training. we recommend 4-5 training days per week with at least 2 rest days - rest is key to help us recover well and feel our best, but it’s also important we’re getting those workouts in to experience the amazing mood-boosting effects of exercise!
  • are you managing your stress? unmanaged stress can wreak havoc on our body’s central nervous system, causing fatigue and harming our gut. to manage stress we need to look into diet and lifestyle factors, but adding in practices like meditation, deep breathing, journaling, and walking outside can also work wonders.
  • prioritize gut health. symptoms of poor gut health don’t stop at bloating, constipation, and indigestion! because of the gut-brain axis, fatigue, lack of hunger cues, and irritability can stem from an unhealthy gut. support your gut health by managing stress, staying hydrated and eating a variety of nutrients. 
    • adding in a probiotic like beam’s gut health probiotic + will also keep your gut resilient as it gives you 8 of the best probiotic strains, digestive enzymes, ginger and licorice root to help support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria!
we promise it’ll change your life when you prioritize these habits to feel amazing!

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