it's officially the season: peppermint mocha vegan protein restocks!

it's officially the season: peppermint mocha vegan protein restocks!
our festive ladies trying to hit their protein goals this season - time to rejoice! peppermint mocha vegan protein is back on our site and ready for you to stock up 🙂 this flavor is exactly what you need for holiday high-protein baking, or even just for some protein hot cocoa! 
we’ve seen our community use this in tons of different creative ways and we’re here to give you all the festive baking ideas this year.
ways to use peppermint mocha vegan protein:
and what’s fabulous about our vegan protein is these recipes will all taste incredible without the strange aftertaste that you’d get with a standard vegan protein! this is because we’ve spent time and effort making sure our flavors and textures are spot on - using 2 patented ingredients purispea® and smooth protein® so it doesn’t even feel like you’re drinking / eating a protein powder! 
aside from flavor and texture, our vegan protein also contains:
  • 20g of protein from pea, mung bean, and pumpkin seed ensures you get a complete amino acid profile needed for building and maintaining muscle.
  • prebiotic fiber to aid in gut health.
  • trace minerals from aquamin® marine multimineral complex to aid in your body’s daily functions.
  • less than 1g of sugar per serving.
it’s also gluten, soy, and dairy free and vegan friendly! this means that yes, you can enjoy the delicious treats during the holiday season while also getting in enough protein from a source that’s clean, good-for-you, and still tastes incredible! 
we want to see what creative recipes you come up with this holiday season - click here to pick up the peppermint mocha vegan protein before it sells out, post your recipes to social media and tag us! 
happy baking this season from the beam team 🙂

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