all about muscle protein synthesis & what it means to be "anabolic"

all about muscle protein synthesis & what it means to be
“muscle protein synthesis” & “anabolic” are two big terms used in the fitness space. they’re both important, but with a lot of misinformation in the industry it can be confusing trying to understand how these ideas apply to you in your own journey. let’s chat about it:
defining muscle protein synthesis:
muscle protein synthesis (mps) is the process where our bodies build new muscle proteins. it's like the construction crew responsible for repairing and growing your muscles after you've put them through a challenging workout. mps occurs when the rate of protein synthesis exceeds the rate of protein breakdown, resulting in muscle growth and repair.
defining what it means to be anabolic:
being in an anabolic state refers to a condition where the body is primed for growth, repair, and muscle building. it’s the opposite of a catabolic state, where the body breaks down tissues for energy. in an anabolic state, the rate of muscle protein synthesis (mps) exceeds the rate of protein breakdown, resulting in net muscle growth.
cool - so how can you optimize these? we've got you covered!
  1. prioritize protein intake - protein is the building block of muscle. aim to consume high-quality protein sources throughout the day with each meal to provide your body with the essential amino acids necessary for muscle repair and growth. 
    1. beam’s vegan or whey protein options are amazing here - there are tons of ways to incorporate these into meals (think oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes, baking, or on their own!) and they taste incredible! 
  2. resistance training - resistance training is key for muscle growth as it tears muscle fibers so they’ll grow back stronger! remember to challenge yourself with progressive overload, gradually increasing your weight, sets, reps, or improving form / tension.
  3. nutrient variety - did you know your gut microbiome impacts every process in your body, including muscle building? the gut thrives on variety, so make sure you’re getting a wide range of fruits and veggies so you’re supplying your body all the vitamins it needs!
    1. beam’s super greens comes in handy here with 26 different fruits and veggies to support nutrient variety and digestion, plus antioxidants to reduce overall stress! and no, it doesn’t taste like your standard greens powder. these flavors like chocolate and pink lemonade are spot on!
  4. rest and recovery - muscle growth occurs during periods of rest and recovery. aim for quality sleep, as it plays a crucial role in mps and take at least 2 full rest days per week to allow your body to recover. overtraining can hinder progress and impede anabolic processes.
  5. stress management - stress can absolutely slow down your gym progress, so make sure you’re eating enough in general, getting quality sleep, and engaging in deep breathing or meditation to manage personal stressors.
use these tips to help you set yourself up for success with building muscle! lastly, patience and consistency are key here. this takes time, but you got it 🙂

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