6 tips for easily hitting your protein goal

6 tips for easily hitting your protein goal
you're grinding in the gym, loving your workout program, showing up for yourself each week, but you can’t seem to get it right when it comes to nutrition or your protein intake. maybe you’re overwhelmed with how much protein your body actually needs to build muscle. for someone who’s not used to eating a high protein diet, it can be mind boggling figuring out how to get it all in each day. 
protein is key for:
  • building muscle and overall recovery
  • maintaining muscle during a dieting phase
  • staying satiated through the day
  • providing essential amino acids
  • maintaining healthy blood pressure
  • aiding in bone health
  • supporting hair, skin, and nail health
so how can we make it easier on ourselves to hit our protein goal each day? here are tips to help:
  1. space out your protein through the day - instead of cramming a ton into one meal, focus on having 3-5 meals per day, or 3 main meals and 1-2 snacks. ensure each of these has a protein source.
  2. prep protein sources in bulk so you’re not constantly cooking! spend a few minutes 1-2x per week prepping a couple of your favorite protein sources, animal protein or vegan! if you prefer, you can portion these out into individual meal containers, but this isn’t necessary for everyone. “buffet style” meal prep is super handy and allows you to have one big container of a protein source that you can pull from to make all different meals.
  3. variety! try switching up your protein sources so you’re not getting sick of them. one week could be ground turkey and tofu, and the next could be salmon and chicken breast.
  4. when you’re structuring a meal, “anchor” the meal with protein. this means you’re choosing your protein source for the meal first, then making it complete by adding carbs, healthy fats + micros. this ensures your meal is protein-focused but also something you’ll enjoy!
  5. focus on convenience. it’ll be easier to stay consistent when it’s simple to throw together. protein powders are your best friend here. mix into your oatmeal or yogurt, add in a smoothie, or have it on its own! 
  6. make it tasty! use seasonings for meat or meat alternatives, and choose a protein powder flavor you love 🙂
beam's whey and vegan protein powders make hitting your protein goal such a breeze and so tasty with flavors like fruity cereal whey or blueberry muffin vegan. both whey and vegan options are gluten / soy free and easy to digest, so your stomach stays happy. 
easily hit your protein goal - watch your progress take off🙂

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