5 ways to reduce gym anxiety

5 ways to reduce gym anxiety
gym anxiety is common even in people who are more advanced / experienced - if we’re starting a new workout plan using different equipment or having a bad body image day, it’s easy to feel nervous. gym anxiety can affect people at any fitness level: everyone has felt this at some point in their journey, but we don’t want it to stop us from showing up for ourselves!
we’ve listed the best tips to help you combat gym anxiety so you can go in feeling like your best self: 
  1. have a plan. going into the gym already knowing what exercises you’re going to do and what equipment you’ll need helps you feel more confident. you’ll have more direction instead of trying to figure it out when you’re there!
  2. start small. start by walking on the treadmill when you first get to the gym to warm up. while you’re walking you can go over your workout plan so you feel good about what you’ll be executing! don’t feel like you have to jump right into the weights, easing into your workout is not only beneficial for avoiding injury, it can make it feel less daunting. 
  3. bring a friend. especially if you’re new to the gym, going with someone you trust can make you feel more comfortable, plus it’ll make the workout more fun!
  4. wear an outfit you love. there’s no doubt a cute gym outfit increases your confidence. when you look good, you feel good, and you perform well. wear an outfit that flatters your body and makes you feel on top of the world, and it’ll be so much easier to feel amazing during your session.
  5. focus on pre-workout nutrition. who wants to go into the gym feeling bloated and lethargic? it’s super important to fuel yourself before working out, but make sure it’s something that will make you feel energized and ready to perform. the best pre-workout meal is higher in fast digesting carbs, has solid protein, minimal fat, and lower fiber. here are some ideas for a pre-workout meal:
    1. protein cream of rice - mix 1 scoop of beam’s vegan or whey protein into your cream of rice, top with some berries and almond butter.
    2. cereal - choose your favorite cereal, then mix 1 scoop of beam’s vegan or whey protein with almond milk, and pour over the cereal.
    3. give some greek yogurt an extra boost of protein with 1 scoop vegan or whey mixed in, top with granola or cereal.
    4. make a smoothie with vegan or whey protein and frozen fruit!.
a bonus tip to have you feeling like your best self in the gym? take beam’s regular or non-stim pre-workout! both formulas are balanced so even with caffeine, you won’t feel jittery or have a crash. adaptogens like ashwagandha promote feelings of calm throughout your workout, while ingredients like l-citrulline increase blood flow to help you have an awesome session!
lastly, remember you’re in the gym for you. focus on showing up for yourself, blast some music (check out beam's spotify playlist here), and block out everything else! you’ll feel 20x better when you’re done and have those endorphins flowing 🙂

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