5 ways to elevate your workouts

5 ways to elevate your workouts
let’s be real, not every workout is going to be the absolute best ever. it’s totally normal for gym performance to fluctuate, but there are some easy techniques to help elevate your sessions and make them super effective even when you’re not feeling it. whatever your workout style / preference, these 5 tips will help you crush it every time:
  1. have a plan. going into the gym with a workout plan rather than just winging it makes the session more focused and effective. plus, formulating a plan structured around your goals helps to ensure you’re on the right track. understand which exercises you’re going to do and which pieces of equipment you’ll need!
  2. wear an outfit you’re confident in. clothes absolutely make a difference in gym performance. wear something that’s comfortable, but also makes you feel good! the right outfit can be all the hype you need to have an awesome session.
  3. make a gym playlist. having a go-to playlist full of songs that get you excited to train is a huge mood boost. blast it in the car on the way and you’ll be ready to go once you’re there! check out beam's spotify playlists here to help you get pumped pre-gym.
  4. eat a meal or snack before you train. fueling your body before training is so key! a solid pre-workout meal should be higher carb, moderate-high protein, and low-moderate fat, eaten around an hour before working out. carbs are our body’s primary fuel source when training, and protein keeps us in an anabolic state so muscles can repair and grow! beam's vegan and whey protein powders both work amazing in a pre-workout meal. easy options:
    1. protein oats or cream of rice - mix a scoop of whey or vegan protein into your oatmeal or cream of rice and top with some fruit!
    2. protein pancakes or waffles - whisk an egg + some almond milk, add 1 scoop of protein and your favorite pancake mix. cook on a pan for pancakes or in the waffle maker!
    3. for those on the go, a protein shake + a piece of fruit like an apple or banana is everything you need to have the best session. beam’s flavors taste amazing on their own, or make it even creamier by mixing with almond / oat milk!
  5. take pre-workout. choose a stimulant version with caffeine if you’re training in the morning / afternoon, or a stimulant-free option for nighttime sessions. beam offers both versions, each with essential ingredients to keep you focused + improve blood flow for the best pumps.
comment your favorite way to make your workout amazing!

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