5 tips to keep your digestion on point during travel

5 tips to keep your digestion on point during travel
you’re on vacation with your family: it’s the perfect destination, amazing weather, food, and a fun itinerary. but you still feel terrible because traveling messed up your digestion 😞 you're bloated, constipated, and lethargic. we’ve been there too!
digestion issues unfortunately are super common when traveling as the change in environment and schedule places stress on the gut. you don’t have to spend your vacations feeling uncomfortable, though! 
here are our favorite tips to have incredible digestion even when you’re traveling:
  1. hydrate! you might need to drink more water than normal when traveling, but this helps a ton with mitigating any bloating. if you're flying, bring a bottle with you and empty it before you go through tsa. then, keep filling throughout the airport and during the trip! no one wants to spend extra money on over-priced water.
  2. go for walks - maybe you want to spend all day laying on the beach, which is perfectly okay! adding in a couple short walks though, especially after meals can drastically improve digestion and keep food moving so you’re not getting backed up.
  3. remember to fuel your body! on vacation or during intense trips you might have tons of activities going on. forgetting to eat is easy in these situations but having some convenient snacks on hand will help you in a pinch, so you can give your body the energy it needs to enjoy your time! this will also keep blood sugar stable so you’re not crashing mid-day.
  4. bring your greens! beam’s super greens has tons of nutrients and the prebiotic fibers you need to stay regular. new travel packs fit right in your luggage!
  5. pack a probiotic. these can make all the difference in helping to digest foods that your body isn’t used to. because what’s a vacation without enjoying indulgent meals? beam’s gut health probiotic + has you covered. not only do the 8 probiotic strains aid your gut microbiome, but ginger root, licorice root, and digestive enzymes manage symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn!
who wants a trip to be ruined because your stomach was a mess? follow these tips and you can say goodbye to digestion issues on your trip 🙂

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