4 easy ways to sneak in more nutrients

4 easy ways to sneak in more nutrients
so we know how important nutrient variety is for our health - it ensures we’re getting in all the vitamins / minerals we need and maintaining a diverse gut microbiome! but how do we make it easier on ourselves so we’re not paralyzed by the produce section, feeling pressured to buy 50 different fruits and vegetables? it doesn’t have to be that complex! 
4 easy ways to get in more nutrients:
  1. smoothies - you can pack smoothies with nutrients by adding things like:
    • frozen fruit
    • greek yogurt
    • spinach or kale
    • flax or chia seeds
    • nuts / nut butters
    • protein powder - beam’s whey or vegan protein powders are great ways to boost your smoothie and easily get in extra protein. the flavors blend so well with other ingredients so you can pack in leafy greens and won’t even taste them 🙂
  2. omelettes - or scrambled eggs, frittata, you name it. throw in vegetables like:
    • leafy greens
    • peppers
    • broccoli
    • mushrooms
    • zucchini
  3. oats or cream of rice - make them so tasty by topping with:
    • fruit
    • nuts / nut butter
    • seeds
    • mixing in your fave protein (beam’s vegan or whey mix super well with hot cereals!)
  4. stir fry - yes, you can make a stir fry that isn’t a calorie bomb! 
    • use a lean protein source like chicken breast or sirloin
    • sautée with vegetables and rice and use a lower calorie condiment
    • for a healthy fat source, sautée with coconut or olive oil!
bonus tip: buy frozen produce! this will save time and make it so easy (and sometimes less expensive) to add in more nutrients if you don’t have to worry about produce going bad. many of these are flash-frozen which preserves the nutrient value of the produce as well.
these options are simple to incorporate in your day-to-day or meal prep in bulk so you can have healthy meals on hand!
try one out and let us know how it goes 🙂

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