motivation vs. discipline: tips to help you stay on track even when you're not "motivated"

motivation vs. discipline: tips to help you stay on track even when you're not
let’s be real, no one is ever motivated all the time. the issue comes up when people feel like motivation is the only thing that’s going to get them to work towards their goals. news flash: you can put in the work even when you’re not motivated! this is where discipline comes in.
there’s one thing in common with those who’re highly successful with their goals: they show up even when they don’t feel like it, simply because they’ve created the discipline and drive to keep going. this is possible for everyone! if you have trouble staying disciplined or find yourself relying on motivation when it comes to your health & fitness goals, we’ve got some tips to help:
  1. create or remember your “why” - everyone should have a deeper reason for why they want to achieve a certain goal. this goes beyond “i want to lose weight so i can feel more confident” but think about the feelings associated with that goal. what will confidence do for you? for many, being more confident helps them show up better for themselves, friends, family, work, etc. 
    • other examples of a good “why”:
      • “i want to improve my health so that i have incredible natural energy that allows me to perform better in my daily life”
      • “i want to become stronger so that i can play with my kids and grandkids as i get older”
  2. schedule your workout into your day just like you would with a meeting! this is helpful for a lot of people who can easily get swamped with our tasks, time flies and all of a sudden it’s the end of the day and you haven’t gotten any movement in. choose a time that’ll be the best for you to get a workout in and make it a non-negotiable every day. eventually this will become a habit!
  3. create a pre-workout routine that makes you excited to train. make your pre-workout meal something you love, turn on your favorite music on the way to the gym, and add in a pre-workout to sip on! 
    • beam’s regular or non-stim formulas are awesome options here - not only are the flavors delicious, but their formulas are incredible to help you have focused and effective sessions.
  4. make your meals enjoyable! one mistake many people make during their journey is feeling like their meals have to be bland and boring. improving your nutrition doesn’t mean you need to put yourself in chicken & broccoli jail! it doesn’t have to be extravagant either. choose seasoning blends that are super easy to use on a variety of foods, and try using tools like air fryers to improve texture!
    • a true cheat code here: beam’s vegan or whey protein! the flavors are so incredible you won’t believe they’re packed with 20 grams of protein. mix them into oatmeal, smoothies, or bake with them - you won’t need any motivation to incorporate these!
  5. take progress pictures or take note of how you’re feeling daily / weekly - when we live in our own bodies and see ourselves all the time, it’s difficult to find even drastic changes. take progress pictures so you can look back and notice significant progress you’ve made with your physique! if your goals are wellness based, record your energy levels, mood, and any other feelings you have through the day to be able to assess progress over time. sometimes seeing how far you’ve come is enough to keep the ball rolling 🙂
remember, even with the most successful people, motivation isn't constant. you will have moments where you just have to push through even if you aren’t in the mood, but these tips can help!
have you tried any of these? let us know in the comments your favorite ways to get yourself going even when you’re not feeling it!

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