brown sugar oatmeal vegan protein restocks!

brown sugar oatmeal vegan protein restocks!
the day so many have been waiting for….our brown sugar oatmeal vegan protein has finally restocked! this is a huge favorite and we love seeing everyone so excited to stock up. 
while this flavor is versatile and tastes incredible mixed in so many different meals, it’s also unique! if you’re a fan of the cinnamon cereal vegan protein, you’ll also love the brown sugar oatmeal flavor, but it’s got a bit of a twist too. picture a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cozy morning drizzled with sweet maple syrup and topped with cinnamon. or, imagine chewy, sweet oatmeal cookies that are hearty and irresistible. that’s the vibe with this protein! it’s hard to believe it’s only 110 calories and has 20 grams of protein per serving. 
here are some of our favorite ways to use this flavor:
  • mixed in oatmeal - while the flavor inspo comes from a delicious bowl of oatmeal itself, this mixed in oats will be your new obsession. it really gives the sweet, oatmeal cookie vibe that will make your breakfast so irresistible, yet so wholesome and healthy.
  • made into pancakes - this adds the perfect sweetness to your pancakes while also making them a balanced meal with a full serving of protein.
  • this brown sugar shaken espresso protein smoothie - starbucks who? add this smoothie to your morning & you’ll go to bed every night excited for it. it’s creamy and sweet but also has that coffee flavor you crave in the morning.
  • these gluten & dairy free raspberry chocolate muffins - need a pre-workout snack, or a treat to end your night? these muffins are wholesome with good-for-you ingredients, but you’ll have no idea they’re healthy and packed with protein. the combination of flavors from chocolate, raspberries, and the brown sugar oatmeal protein come together to hit the spot.
  • these vegan blackberry oatmeal bars - topped with a vegan cream cheese blackberry frosting, these are the perfect healthy treat for any season. plus, you’re even getting micronutrients from the berries & the protein has prebiotic fiber for a healthy gut.
curious about the formula? here’s why our vegan protein is the best you’ll ever try:
  1. the amino acid profile is unmatched - with the combination of protein from pea, pumpkin seed, and mung bean, you’ve got everything you need to make sure your body is able to put the 20 grams of protein to good use. 
  2. blueberry fiber - did you know we need adequate fiber in our diet for a healthy gut? our vegan protein has blueberry fiber to help improve the overall microbiome balance.
  3. the texture is on point - say goodbye to gritty vegan protein that tastes like grass. we use Smooth Protein and Purus Pea to create an appetizing texture while bringing delicious, spot-on flavors that you’ll crave.
  4. aquamin® marine multimineral complex is part of our vegan protein formula that has 70+ trace minerals that your body needs - helping you fill all the gaps in your diet.
  5. it’s packed with 20 grams of protein per serving, is so easy to mix into any meals, bake with, or just drink on it’s own!
we’re so proud of this formula and can’t wait for you to stock up on this best-selling flavor🙂click here to shop today!

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