best mens shorts for working out

Best Workout Shorts for Men

We all take training very seriously. We want to get the best workouts and receive the best results from those workouts. That is where preparation comes into play.

Whether you are stretching, taking pre-workout, or eating food for fuel, we know how important this is for optimizing a workout. Something people often overlook is their wardrobe. So we decided to break down the BEST MENS SHORTS for working out for you. 

1. THE WINNER: Ten Thousand Interval Shor

The Interval Short is a special short and you know when you wear them that Ten Thousand spent a lot of time on the fine details. These shorts are made to make your workout easier. Starting with the waistband, TT (Ten Thousand) made it special so it never pinches you and fits comfortably. Next,  the outer shell of the short is made to hold 0 moisture that may way you down. Then their special sauce that makes these top-notch is their special 4-way stretch that allows you to do any type of workout. The attention to detail on these shorts are unreal and that is why they got the #1 spot. 

Best Men Shorts for Squating and the gym

Best looking shorts for menBest Looking Men Shorts for the Gym


2. RUNNER UP: Lulu Lemon T.H.E. Short (Train Hard Everyday)

Lulu Lemon is the top of the line for men’s fitness apparel and it is well deserved. They earned this reputation making incredible products that last forever. Lulu does the research needed to make a superior product. They even have a division called “Lulu Lab” to work on new projects. Other than Nike, there are no brands doing this level of research and it shows in the T.H.E. Shorts. These are the first Lulu shorts designed for training and they too have the 4-way stretch fabric. They are also made lightweight and breathable for you to train more efficiently. The only reason why we choose the Ten Thousand Interval short over these has to do with the wear test. These two are basically identical but we felt the Interval Shorts were a hair more comfortable. 

best shorts for men best short for men in the gym

3. HONORARY MENTION: Nike Pro-Flex Rep Short 

This is Nike’s best training short and it shows. They put a lot of time into making this design keep up and compete with our #1 and #2 shorts. It is possible that the design of these shorts came from the market's reaction to our #1 and #2 short choices above. They are very similar however, the waistband is where this short has the largest difference. Nike made the waistband thick in the back and very thin in the front to be comfortable during squats or any fast HIIT workouts. This brand new design could move its way up our list very soon.

Best workout shorts for the gymBest shorts for squatsBest Shorts for Men


4. The UNDERDOG: Gymshark: All Active Shorts 

The Gymshark line is the most affordable short in the game with the highest value. They are going after Nike and Lulu but offering a much younger, modern vibe. They are beating them on price and style. The only problem with Gymshark is they do not have a version of the T.H.E. or the Interval short. This is why we added it as our #4. Great shorts, better modern hip styles but not the best.

best shorts for guysbest shorts for guys

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