5 reasons to be taking plant based vegan protein

5 Benefits to Vegan Protein Powder Shakes Supplements and the Sources

You might find yourself wondering, "What are the benefits of taking vegan protein?" By making the choice to go vegan, you are opening up yourself to a tremendous amount of benefits. We want to highlight the benefits that vegan protein has to offer you. Here are five benefits you will experience by choosing plant-based vegan protein:

1. Reduce Digestive Stress

By choosing to consume plant-based vegan protein over a traditional milk based whey, you are giving your body nutrients it is able to digest easier. Vegan protein will not contain any lactose which causes a lot of issues in digestion. Plant based vegan proteins also increase nutrient absorption and mobility through the digestive system. This will aid with bloating, gas, and any GI discomfort. 

2. Metabolism Booster 

Vegan proteins have fiber in them that will allow your body to stay full longer. Pairing these low calorie proteins with 0 sugar will allow your body to use all the nutrients and not store them as fat. Vegan protein shakes should not have any sugar so they will be low calorie nutrient dense meal replacements allowing you to lower calories and burn fat in a healthy and safe way. 

3. Improved Gut Health

Research has shown that the nutrients in a plant-based protein diet contains less disease causing organisms meaning lowering inflammation in the gut. This is because you are adding more microbiome diversity in your diet loaded with micronutrients. Improving gut health will lead to increased energy, protection against depression, and improved overall skin.

4. Increased Micronutrients 

Plant-based proteins are loaded with more nutrients than animal proteins delivering more micronutrients in vitamins and minerals. This will be overall more healthy than just a dairy-based whey with less micronutrients. On top of that, plant-based proteins will provide the body with plenty of antioxidants that will impact your immune system. 

5. Age Fighting Ingredients 

Not only does having clean, plant-based protein make you feel younger, it is actually helping you fight off the effects of “aging.” It has been proven that people who eat more plant-based proteins live longer. Also, plant-based protein is better for your immune system and gut health which allows your body to fight off more diseases compared to animal protein. 

BONUS: Good for the Environment

Choosing a plant-based protein over dairy-based whey has a positive effect on the health of our planet. Plant protein requires less land, water, and energy compared to animal protein.

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