what are super greens, and do you need them?

what are super greens, and do you need them?

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It’s no secret that the majority of people don’t get enough greens in a day. In fact, the CDC estimates that only 1 in 10 Americans meet the daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake. Since the traditional ways of getting in your fruit and vegetables just aren’t cutting it, bring in greens powders. So what’s the scoop on Super Greens? 

What are super greens?

Super Greens, or greens powders, are a nutritional supplement intended to help you reach your daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake. Greens powders are usually made by dehydrating or drying various fruits, vegetables, and compounds and then crushing them into a powder. They provide an easy way to get your daily dose of health boosting vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables. Greens powders are a good source of: dietary fiber, calcium, iodine, potassium, protein, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and have countless health benefits. 

While all greens powders differ, common ingredients include nutrition from: 

  • Leafy greens and seaweed
  • Grasses and other veggies
  • Antioxidant-rich fruits
  • Probiotics
  • Nutritional extracts and herbs
  • Plant-based digestive enzymes

The benefits of greens powder:

Greens are a superfood because they offer maximum nutritional benefits while at the same time being low in calories. 

Based on leading research from dieticians, there are countless reasons you should include greens powder into your everyday routine. The top 5 reasons why you need to take greens include:

  • Helps support immune function
  • Supports optimal gut health and digestion 
  • Helps detoxify the body and lowers blood sugar
  • Aids in healthy aging and improves skin 
  • Supports brain function 

What makes BEAM Super Greens special? 

BEAM Super Greens are naturally flavored, full of prebiotic fiber and antioxidants, and gluten and soy free. They’re packed with 26 fruits and vegetables to provide you with the nutrients and energy to truly Be Amazing. BEAM Super Greens have 25-35 calories per scoop, 1g or less of fat, and 2g or less of sugar. Super Greens comes in 4 flavors: Chocolate, Citrus Matcha, Berry, and Pink Lemonade - all naturally flavored, sweetened, and colored. Each flavor makes 30 servings, each scoop packed with flavor, which helps differentiate them from other bland greens products while still packing all of the benefits. 

The BEAM formula is made up of 3 primary parts: the BEAM Greens Blend, Coconut Fruit Water Powder, and the BEAM Antioxidant Blend. The majority of the formula is the BEAM Greens Blend which is made up of several fruit and vegetable powders such as kale, broccoli, and spinach powder, among several others.

The best greens for helping the body fight foreign toxins to make the immune system stronger are broccoli, kale, and spinach, which is why BEAM utilizes those three ingredients the most in their formula. Another power ingredient in super greens is beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is found in kale and is responsible for giving your skin the nutrients it needs to stay youthful, while also protecting it from harmful UV rays - this is why it’s a key player in BEAM Super Greens.

The bottom line

Greens powders provide an easy, convenient way to get in your daily fruits, vegetables, and vitamins. Super greens can easily be incorporated into your daily routine by scooping it into milk, water, smoothies, or your drink of choice. With countless health benefits and great tasting flavors, there are no excuses anymore. So this is your daily reminder: drink your greens!


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