achieving glass-skin: naturally

achieving glass-skin: naturally

if one of your 2024 goals is to clear your skin or improve your self-care regimen, have you thought about working from the inside out? yes, a skincare routine with a good cleanser, exfoliant, and maybe some serums based on your needs are beneficial but don’t neglect the impact that your internal health has on your skin! if you’ve been looking for a way to nourish your body internally for glowing, hydrated skin - we just launched your perfect solution! 

beam’s natural beauty is combined with 11 unique ingredients clinically studied to support glowing hydrated skin, boosted collagen production, skin complexion and texture, skin elasticity, and overall nourishment. the result is:

  • 17x improvement in skin hydration over an 8 week period thanks to the addition of astareal® it acts on all layers of the skin to help reduce visible signs of aging by supporting skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness
  • protection against free radicals - free radicals are one of the main causes of signs of skin aging (wrinkles, dark spots, dull skin). natural beauty is filled with powerful antioxidants like carotenoids, anthocyanins, and vitamin c to help protect against free radicals. these protective ingredients include astareal®, beta carotene, pomegranate juice powder, and marigold extract*
  • 233% increased vitamin c absorption due to the ingredient pureway-c™
  • increased collagen production from aloe vera - we use a high quality, high potency aloe vera extract which comes directly from the inner leaf of the aloe plant (the gel). this has been shown to help increase collagen production in the skin which can help with the reduction of facial wrinkles and skin elasticity
  • prevention of inflammation & wrinkles with pomegranate juice powder - due to their high antioxidant content, pomegranate juice powder can help fight free radicals, and since they are rich in ellagic acid they can help in the prevention of wrinkles and inflammation by having protective effects against uva and uvb damage
  • improvement to skin pigmentation with addition of beta carotene (4 carrots worth)
  • overall nourishment to the hair, skin and nails with biotin that helps with the formation of fatty acids

sounds incredible, right? here’s how you can introduce natural beauty into your routine for the most effective results:

  • week one: evaluation - prior to taking natural beauty, take note of the current condition of your skin as it pertains to its hydration level, look and feel
  • week two: adjusting - as your skin cells turnover, you may experience ‘purging’. the surface layer of skin sheds more quickly, causing clogged pores to get pushed to the surface. it takes ons skin cycle (28 days) to see improvement
  • week three: seeing improvement - at this point, with proper daily use, you will notice positive effects of using natural beauty including skin nourishment, hydration, smoothness, elasticity, complexion & younger-looking skin.
  • week four: regulation - by now, your skin should be almost fully adjusted to natural beauty. your skin is forever changing, which is why it’s vital to develop the healthy habits of using the product daily. in addition to a proper skincare routine and cleansing, natural beauty will yield the best results with time and consistency.

so yes, there definitely is an adjustment period but after that you’re left with glowing, smooth, glass-skin 🙂 

common faqs:

  1. when can i expect to see results?
    1. thanks to your skin renewing every 28 days, you can expect to start seeing some amazing results in about 5-8 weeks!
  2. can i take beam natural beauty if i am already taking other vitamins?
    1. we formulate our products with vitamin / nutrient toxicity levels in mind. from our understanding this should be safe to take with your standard vitamins and minerals but please consult a doctor if you are on any specific medications.
  3. is natural beauty 3rd party tested?
    1. beam 3rd party tests all fo their products and natural beauty is one of them. please contact our support team to send a c.o.a (certificate of authenticity) along with any allergen and metal testing.
  4. what skin types should use beam natural beauty?
    1. people with overly dry or oily skin can benefit from using beam natural beauty

you can learn even more by visiting our site here - elevate your skincare routine this year to achieve the complexion you’ve always wanted 🙂 let us know what you think about natural beauty in the comments!

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