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what are amino acids?

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins, aka, they’re what protein turns into when broken down in your body. When you consume any type of protein in your diet, your body will digest it and break it down into amino acids. Without amino acids, your body won’t be able to function properly. They have many functions, like repairing and maintaining muscles, organs, nails, hair, skin, ligaments, connective tissues, glands, etc. 


how do amino acids work?

Aminos serve as a critical source of muscle energy and nutrition for recovery. The very fibers that makeup muscles are themselves constructed from aminos. By nourishing your muscles with amino acids, they will perform better, recover faster and rebuild with more muscle tissue. This will lead to more calories burned and result in fat loss along with muscle toning. 


there are 2 types of amino acids; essential and nonessential, what is the difference?

Essential amino acids are ones the body cannot produce on its own and needs to obtain it through diet. There are a total of 9 essential amino acids and you can either get these through protein or an amino acid supplement.


are BCAAs amino acids? are they Essential Amino Acids (EAA)?

Yes, to both. They stand for Branch Chain Amino Acids and they are part of the 9 essential aminos. 


what are BCAAs?

The three Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are Leucine, Valine, and Iso-leucine. Together they make up one-third of muscle protein and are responsible for stressed muscles, promoting quick recovery, extra energy, and preventing muscles from breaking down and even fat loss. They are vital in all amino acid supplements. 


are BCAAs enough or do you need all Essential Amino Acids?

BCAAs provide incredible benefits on their own but it has recently been proven that supplementing with all essential amino acids is more beneficial than just BCAAs alone. 


how many BCAAs does Recovery Aminos have?

Recovery Aminos has all three BCAAs, including a massive 3g of Leucine and 1g of both Iso-Leucine and Valine. 


are BEAM Recovery Aminos vegan?

Yes, we are vegan-friendly. 


are BEAM Recovery Aminos soy-free?

Yes, we are soy-free.


are BEAM Recovery Aminos gluten-free?

Yes, we are gluten-free.


can we not get enough amino acids just through food?

If you are eating a normal diet, you should be getting enough amino acids. However, eating foods with a bad nutritional balance or not eating enough food, for example by dieting, can lead to amino acid deficiencies or imbalances. Hard exercise burns specific amino acids in the body. If you do hard exercise, it can be very beneficial to take amino acid supplements. 


is it safe to give amino acids to children?

Children can safely consume amino acids, but children who are still growing should generally get their nutrients through food.


where are the calories from? 

The calories come from our 1g of carbohydrates, along with our Amino Acids that have about 5 calories. 


what is Aquamin™? 

Aquamin is a unique marine multi-mineral complex which contains bio-active calcium, magnesium, plus 72 trace minerals which are micronutrients that will benefit the body greatly.


what are the benefits of Aquamin™ in amino acids?  

Aquamin is one of the most bioavailable sources of calcium which will help in bone, joint and digestive health. On top of that, Aquamin has a hydration component that will allow the body to stay nourished more efficiently. The trace minerals will also aid in overall health, free radical detox support. 


why is Himalayan salt better than regular salt/sodium?

Not all salts are created equal and pink Himalayan salt has the same benefits as regular salt but contains 70+ other trace minerals for even more health benefits. This will be the ultimate electrolyte to keep you hydrated and replenished as you work out. 


what is tart cherry extract?

Tart cherries are rich with nutrients like essential vitamins to help the body detox and protect its cells. Tart cherry has Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Omegas, and other antioxidants. In clinical trials, Tart Cherry has proven to increase strength and reduce muscle soreness. On top of that, it has also shown to improve sleep, promote brain function, strengthen your immune system, and aid in weight loss.


what are the benefits of white tea?

Teas are usually very healthy and white tea is especially proven to aid in reducing the risk of heart disease, aid in weight loss, insulin protection, and cancer prevention through its antioxidant properties. There are so many benefits to white tea and we love that we have this in our formula. 

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