what makes BEAM pre-workout special?

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When making a pre-workout, there is so much that goes into the decision making process. What do you want the customer to experience? How do you want the product to feel? Who is your target audience? 

Then you have to figure out the formula and this is not easy. Creating the right formula comes down to knowing how ingredients work together and the precise ratios that need to make them effective/optimal. With BEAM Pre Workout, we have a collective 40 years of experience going into this formula. 

BEAM Pre Workout Supplement Mango Lime l Youcanbeam.com

Who do we want to make this pre-workout for?

BEAM is a supplement brand for the masses. We want everyone to be able to take our products so dosing this product was again not easy. We had to tailor one scoop for the beginner or the people who do not tolerate caffeine very well. At the same time, we also needed to create a two scoop formula for the experienced athletes used to 400mg of caffeine in their previous supplements. 

We exactly that by dosing our natural caffeine along with natural cocoa bean to create clean energy. On top of that, our one scoop formula is more effective than 90% of the pre-workouts on the market. If you can handle the caffeine, we recommend the two scoop formula and you will see what makes this product truly special. 

How do we want the product to feel?

Everyone hates the dreaded "crash" when they take pre-workouts. They equally hate the "jitters" that come along with too much caffeine. This all happens when the pre-workouts are overloaded and not formulated correctly. 

Here at BEAM, we use natural caffeine so that your body can digest it and allow your body to wake up naturally. In other pre-workouts, they use synthetic caffeine and it goes directly into your bloodstream. If your body cannot handle the synthetic caffeine, you get jitters. We also added several "adaptogens" which allow your body to ADAPT to the stimulants so you can control the energy spike. With all this, the energy you feel from BEAM Pre Workout is super clean and laser-focused. 

What do we want the customer to experience?

From the minute you open our pre-workout, you will get to experience why BEAM pre-workout is above the competition. It starts with the most realistic natural flavors that you enjoy sipping the entire time. Our Mango Lime is  refreshing along with our Watermelon Candy that hits the sweet tooth but without the calories. 

After the incredible taste, you have to let your body digest the ingredients which will make the experience optimal. After about 15 minutes, your body will naturally tell you to start moving. Then about 25 minutes after your last sip, your body will take it to the next level experiencing laser type focus and endurance that feels unlimited. 

Going the extra mile: 

BEAM Pre Workout uses four high quality patented ingredients in this formula to make sure the experience is unmatched.

Starting with CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine, this is one of the most proven endurance ingredients on the market. CarnoSyn® is the highest quality of this ingredient.

Then there is the natural caffeine that gives your body the energy it needs. This caffeine comes from CoffeeBerry Energy®.

The third patented ingredient is KSM66 Ashwagandha®, our not so secret adaptogen to keep your mind clear and the focus/energy super clean.

Finally, we use AstraGin® to increase the uptake (absorption of all our ingredients) making our pre workout even more effective. 

Check out the formula:

BEAM Pre Workout Supplement Online l youcanbeam.com

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