the benefits of a probiotic

the benefits of a probiotic
even if you've just stumbled into the health & wellness community, you’ve heard about probiotics. when we see the word “probiotics” on a product, we automatically think that it’s good for us and can improve our gut health - which is accurate! what’s important to know, though, is that not all probiotic products are created equal, and there are several different probiotic strains your body needs to thrive. 
we’re diving into the benefits of a probiotic and which strands you should focus on!
how they work
probiotics improve gut health by introducing strains of live bacteria that restore balance of the microbiome. Introducing probiotics and taking steps to strengthen your gut will:
  1. boost your immune system. did you know your immune system is stored in your gut? taking probiotics to improve the gut foundation can help your body become more resilient against sickness and fight off inflammation.
  2. support mental health. we have what’s called a gut-brain connection, meaning that our gut and mental health are linked. poor gut health can manifest in symptoms like anxiety or depression, while stress and overwhelm can break down the gut lining, leading to dysbiosis. add in probiotics to solidify your microbiome and improve your mood!
  3. improve digestion. our gut is known for controlling how our food is digested! supporting your gut with probiotics will ensure you’re not feeling symptoms of dysbiosis like bloating, nausea or indigestion.
  4. better skin, hair & nails. our gut is where many of our hormones that control our skin, hair & nails are produced. this means when you support the gut, you’re giving your body what it needs to thrive in these areas. say hello to glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails!
probiotics come in tons of different strains, how do you know which are right for you? here are the 3 main probiotic groups:
  • lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains are the most common in probiotic supplements and what you’ll find added to different health products. these are also the strains that most people will benefit from!
  • soil-based organisms improve diversity by introducing strains that aren’t commonly found in the gut. those facing more complex gut issues may lean on these strains to help.
  • fungal probiotic strains are used to treat cases like candida as they break apart fungal biofilms. they’re also effective in the treatment of parasites.
we recommend everyone start with a lacto-bifido blend product, which is why we created gut health probiotic+! this contains 10 billion cfus and 8 hand-picked lactobacillus / bifidobactrium probiotic strains. with the addition of ginger, licorice root, and digestive enzymes like bacterial protease & lipase in one capsule, it’s a super convenient way to make sure your gut is in the best condition! 
take 1 cap before a meal daily and welcome in all the amazing signs of stellar gut health 🙂

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