signs you're burnt out and how to fix it

signs you're burnt out and how to fix it
in today’s world, unfortunately burnout is super common and affects almost everyone. we’re pressured from jobs, maybe family and friends, and especially ourselves. it’s awesome to want to achieve at a high level, but when we’re constantly pushing ourselves to the max it can lead to some intense burnout. 
taking care of ourselves mentally is key for long term wellbeing, so we’re going over how to identify burnout and what to do about it!
signs of burnout:
  • trouble falling or staying asleep
  • overall low mood, sadness, anxiety
  • changes in appetite or lack of hunger
  • high fatigue or exhaustion
  • dull skin, weak or brittle hair and nails
  • issues with digestion: bloating or constipation
and the longer we allow ourselves to run on empty, the worse these symptoms become 🙁
the way to resolve burnout looks different for everyone. extroverts recharge by being around people, sometimes in large groups or at fun events which is amazing! introverts may feel more like themselves spending a chill night at home and relaxing, which is beautiful too!
regardless of your personality, these ideas may help you get back to feeling like yourself:
  • making dinner at home with a friend
  • calling or facetiming a friend or family member to vent or chat
  • going for a solo walk or hike
  • trying a new restaurant, coffee shop, or farmers market
  • practicing some stress mitigation tactics like deep breathing or meditation
  • having a movie night with your favorite snacks
  • doing a craft or art project
  • baking a fun dessert
  • trying a different workout class
the science here is that these activities (when you pick ones that resonate with you) increase serotonin and dopamine, which drops our stress hormone (cortisol). these also allow you time away from work to connect with your community, the people you love, and yourself. 
everyone’s cup is filled in a different way, what’s important is that we prioritize recharging and doing what we need to feel like the best version of ourselves 🙂

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