can greens powders actually taste good?

can greens powders actually taste good?
we get it - you could possibly be scarred from the idea of trying another greens drink. they’re such a craze right now but many of them taste like straight up grass, cardboard, or just something you really don’t want to start your day with….we think it’s awesome that the wellness industry is popping off with new ways to improve your health, and people are latching on! but we need you to know - you can totally enjoy the things that make you a healthier human, too. 
you don’t have to be weary of getting your greens in or supporting your digestion, and you don’t have to take 20 different supplements or implement crazy new routines to get you there! at beam, we noticed a gap in wellness and the industry was missing a quality greens product that genuinely tastes refreshing and delicious, while also supplying your body with key nutrients - so we created super greens!
while super greens may look like a standard greens powder, once you try it you’ll immediately be hooked. it’s got:
  • 26 fruits & veggies per serving,
  • no artificial sweeteners, colors, or dyes
  • prebiotic fiber
  • antioxidants
  • it’s gluten free, soy free, & non-gmo
these all help to improve the quality of your gut microbiome which in turn reduces bloating, increases energy and mood, improves regularity, boosts your immune system, and brings life back to your hair, skin and nails!
and the best part - you’ll be absolutely blown away by the flavors. flavors like chocolate, piña colada & sunny d taste spot on and are the perfect addition to your morning routine and you’ll look forward to them on the daily!
so, if they don’t even taste like greens, how do we make our flavors that good? great question 🙂
at beam, we value quality more than anything. so not only are you assured our products are filled with only the ingredients listed on the label, but we won’t stop iterating on a product until we know it’s something you’ll truly love. we are proud of every product in our line, because we put in the work to make sure the ingredients, texture, and flavor are all on-point. we go through several rounds with new flavors to make sure that the taste is there while maintaining every other important aspect (ingredient profile, texture). that’s why launching new flavors is one of our favorite parts, since we can see so many of you so excited about how much you love them!
we’re here to break the stigma. yes, greens powders can taste good! they can be incredibly delicious, actually and we’re so pumped for you to try super greens if you haven’t already. you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors, but sunny d and chocolate are huge fan favorites that just got restocked. 
pick one up today, give us a first impressions on the flavor & then let us know what you think of the benefits. we promise it’s the full package 🙂

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