busting the myths - how creatine will help you elevate your physique & improve your workouts

busting the myths - how creatine will help you elevate your physique & improve your workouts

busting the myths - how creatine will help you elevate your physique & improve your workouts

listen, if you’ve heard rumors about creatine causing bloating or weight gain, you’re not alone! but that’s why we’re here to bust the myths and introduce the benefits of taking this supplement so your progress can pop off :)

let’s start by explaining…what is creatine?

creatine is an amino acid located in your muscles, brain & gut. it boosts energy production during intense activities like weight lifting, promoting muscle growth & faster recovery.

muscle energy comes from atp but when used up, it becomes adp. 

creatine, made from amino acids, stores high-energy phosphate groups and converts adp back into atp for muscle energy. 

the important thing to note is creatine comes in several different forms, and not all creatine is created equal. some brands add fillers to their formula which is what can cause excess bloating and water retention.

the good news? we’ve released a clean creatine! and you know beam - it’s got zero fillers plus bonus ingredients to help maximize effectiveness, like:

  • cherrypure - patented tart cherry extract that contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds to help reduce muscle soreness
  • aquamin - patented natural mineral complex containing 74+ trace minerals that help reduce inflammation and aid short + long term muscle recovery
  • astragin - patented ingredient that increases the absorption of creatine by 33% while strengthening your gut-based immune system

as a result, you’ll experience:

  • increased muscle mass + strength
  • improved exercise performance
  • improved mood & cognitive function
  • increased muscle recovery
  • reduced muscle fatigue

because creatine draws intracellular water into your muscles (the good kind, not the kind that makes you bloated), you’ll also experience more muscle fullness, giving you that “toned” look!

our clean creatine comes in two options: unflavored or tangy orange and it’s so easy to take! simply have one scoop per day mixed in your beverage of choice. many people enjoy combining this with our regular or nonstim preworkout, or you can have it on it’s own! all that matters is you take it daily to keep your muscles saturated.

ready for improved workouts, better cognitive function and a more toned look? click here to shop our brand new clean creatine and level up your training game 🙂 let us know what you think!

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