breakfast ideas that don't include eggs

breakfast ideas that don't include eggs
you probably know how important breakfast is especially for regulating energy, blood sugar and digestion throughout the day, but sometimes certain breakfast meals can get bland and boring if you have them on repeat for a while! 
eggs are a super common breakfast food but a lot of people find themselves getting sick of them over time. if you’re one of those people, you’re definitely not alone! that’s why we’re listing breakfast ideas that are still nutritious, well balanced meals to give you the right fuel in the morning but don’t include eggs:
  1. greek yogurt parfait - mix 1 scoop of beam’s vegan or whey protein into a serving of plain greek yogurt to create a protein-packed and flavorful base. then, add granola + your favorite berries.
  2. superfood oatmeal - cook quick oats with water or almond milk, then stir in 1 scoop of beam’s whey or vegan protein. load this with nutrients by adding chia or hemp seeds, banana or dates and nut butter.
  3. smoked salmon avocado toast - toast your favorite bread, top with smashed avocado and slices of smoked salmon. if you like some spice, top with crushed red pepper. turkey bacon or sausage on the side here would be a great option for some extra protein as well!
  4. breakfast burrito - fill a tortilla with sautéed vegetables (peppers, onions, or zucchini), black beans, avocado, salsa, bacon or breakfast sausage and cheese. roll it up and you can grill on a pan to make it warm and melty!
  5. banana pancakes - mash ripe bananas in a bowl and mix with rolled oats, baking powder, and cinnamon. cook these on a pan until golden brown. you can even add a dollop of greek yogurt on top with a drizzle of honey! add a scoop of beam’s whey or vegan protein into the mix to make sure you’re getting a full serving of protein here.
we know you’ll get hooked on at least one of these! now there’s no excuse to skip breakfast, even if you’re over eggs 🙂 try them out and let us know your favorite.

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