finally, a vegan protein that doesn't suck

best tasting vegan protein supplement

With each product we create here at BEAM, we want to make sure we protect the customer. We find the pain points they have experienced with other products they have taken in the past and we aim to optimize their experience with ours. So with our vegan protein, our only goal was to not make it “suck.”

vegan protein that doesnt taste like chalk or dirt

Okay, vegan proteins are really hard to make good for so many reasons and making it not suck is very difficult. First, vegan protein uses grains for their protein sources and they are inherently gritty. That is why you hear other vegans taste like dirt or chalk. BEAM uses 2 patented ingredients to prevent this. First, we use the process called SMOOTH PROTEIN™ which smooths out the protein before the blending process. This makes the grain size much smaller removing that grit texture. On top of this patented process, BEAM uses CLEAN CREAM™, which is a vegetarian oil that adds a cream texture to the formula making it feel like a milkshake and not a dirt smoothie.

Once we figured out how to not make the protein taste like dirt, we wanted to take flavoring to the next level. We wanted to have fun with our flavors and make you forget you are even drinking a vegan protein shake. That is when you know it doesn’t suck. Our first and most famous flavor Blueberry Muffin does just that. Words cannot express how delicious this stuff tastes and the awards it has already won prove it. 

We are proud to say that our vegan protein does not suck and you can see some reviews here touting it as the “best vegan protein on the market.”

review for the best tasting vegan protein on the market

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