7 signs you're not recovering from your workouts

7 signs you're not recovering from your workouts
so you’re on top of your game in the gym. you’re consistent, in the zone when you workout, you’re fueling your body, sleeping well, checking all your boxes. but you’re at a standstill with your goals and haven’t seen any change in weeks – so frustrating. at this point, a lot of people would try switching up their workouts, and yes, that could be the culprit, but there's a solid chance the answer is much more simple: recovery!
we can’t make physique progress if our body isn’t able to recover from our workouts. if your goal is building muscle, this happens when we tear muscle fibers through training and they grow back stronger. those fibers won’t be able to repair themselves if our body isn’t recovering properly.
for fat loss, we need to be in a calorie deficit, but we also need to ensure our body isn’t overly stressed so that our metabolism can work efficiently. if we can’t recover, this stalls fat loss since it places excess stress on the body.
so how do we know if we’re recovering or not? here are some signs your recovery needs work:
  1. you’re constantly sore
  2. you have trouble falling or staying asleep
  3. frequent fatigue / exhaustion, not feeling rested upon waking in the morning
  4. digestive issues / bloating
  5. mood irregularity
  6. lack of hunger
  7. brain fog
not a fun time! how can we improve these to make sure our recovery is on point?
  • making sure we’re not over-training, taking enough rest days (2-3 rest days / week works best for most people)
  • eating enough of the right macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs) + getting in micros (fruits & veggies) for nutrient variety
  • drinking enough water and staying hydrated
  • prioritizing 7-8 hours of quality sleep / night
  • practicing stress mitigation tactics like meditation, deep breathing, or outdoor walks
  • supplementing with electrolytes, bcaas + eaas
the perfect duo to make your recovery on point: beam’s whey or vegan protein & recovery aminos! protein powder makes it easy, convenient, and delicious to hit your protein goals even when you’re on the go.
recovery aminos include electrolytes for proper hydration + full spectrum bcaas & eaas to aid in muscle building, preservation and growth.  flavors like sour blue slushie and strawberry peach are so tasty - sip on these during your workout or any time throughout the day!
optimizing recovery makes it so easy to reach your goals and feel amazing in the process 😊

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