the benefits of a prebiotic

the benefits of a prebiotic
it feels like all of a sudden, “prebiotics” are becoming a huge buzz word in the wellness community. prebiotic sodas, kombucha, supplements: there’s a huge emphasis here, and for good reason! prebiotics are key in ensuring a healthy gut, but it’s important to understand how they work so you can know how to use them.
how prebiotics work
they’re different from probiotics! think of probiotics as seeds and prebiotics as water to help the seeds grow - probiotics introduce strains of beneficial bacteria to our gut, and they feed off of prebiotics. this means that prebiotics are essential to sustain a healthy microbiome!
prebiotics come in the form of indigestible fibers found in foods.
sources: garlic, onions, chicory root, whole oats, legumes, asparagus, bananas, oats, apples, flaxseed. 
cool, so prebiotics provide the resources for probiotics to grow and thrive in the gut, but why does this matter? because a healthy, happy gut has tons of benefits for you and your wellbeing, such as:
  1. improved immune function - did you know that your immune system is stored in your gut? by taking care of your gut bacteria with prebiotics, you’re also giving your immune system a boost. this means a more resilient body overall!
  2. better weight management - not only do prebiotics help you feel fuller and more satisfied, but since they improve the microbiome, this results in decreased inflammation, making weight loss easier!
  3. better mental well-being - believe it or not, your gut and brain are connected through something called the gut-brain axis. by nourishing your gut with prebiotics, you’ll very likely find a positive impact on your mood and energy.
  4. improved digestion - digestive discomfort is no fun at all. by improving the gut overall, prebiotics help you avoid those annoying symptoms like bloating, upset stomach and acid reflux. they may also improve food intolerance symptoms, allowing you to include more variety in your diet!
so how can you make sure you’re truly getting adequate prebiotics in your diet? beam to the rescue - our super greens product is phenomenal for ensuring you get all the tools your body needs to create a thriving microbiome. with 26 fruits and veggies per scoop, digestive enzymes & antioxidants, this is your digestion’s best friend. plus, forget the stereotypical grass-like taste of greens! super greens comes in amazing flavors like pina colada and cherry limeade -  you’ll look forward to them every day!
to make sure you’re getting the actual bacteria strains your gut needs, add in gut health probiotic+! this formula’s got 8 hand-picked strains, ginger + licorice root to make sure you’re protected from any type of bloating or discomfort. 
super greens + gut health probiotic+ = fool-proof method for the healthiest gut 🙂

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