beam's summer essentials

beam's summer essentials
want to optimize your health this summer? Beam’s got everything you need to keep up with your health & make it enjoyable, even over the summer 🙂 whether you’re traveling a ton or soaking up the sun, we’re giving you details on key products that’ll help you stay on track & feeling your best.
  1. recovery aminos - especially for our people in hotter climates, our recovery aminos are your best friend this summer since they’re loaded with electrolytes and taste so refreshing! plus they’ve got bcaa’s + eaas to help with muscle recovery and antioxidants for overall health. flavors sour blue slushie and strawberry peach are incredible even mixed in giant water bottles, so you stay hydrated all summer long.
  2. pre-workout travel sticks - we totally support taking a break from training if you’re on vacation, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little session in! beam’s pre-workout comes in handy travel sticks you can throw in your bag, and it’ll give you the boost you need for a quick vacay workout!
  3. vanilla soft serve whey protein or natural vanilla vegan protein - all our protein flavors are tasty, but these ones are amazing mixed in smoothies, especially loaded with frozen fruit! laying by the pool with a creamy, cold smoothie or smoothie bowl on a sunny day - it’s what you need.
  4. pina colada super greens - not only is the flavor spot on with the seasonal vibe, but what’s worse than being bloated in the summer? super greens is packed with 26 fruits & veggies per serving, plus prebiotic fiber and antioxidants. it decreases bloating, improves digestion and regularity so you can feel your best on the beach 🙂
whatever your summer plans, we’ve got you covered. what are your favorite summer products?

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