beam's first ever athlete collab and brand new product: strawberry burst pure pump with Brittany Lupton

beam's first ever athlete collab and brand new product: strawberry burst pure pump with Brittany Lupton
amazing news! we released our very first athlete collab with the one and only, Brittany Lupton on a brand new product: strawberry burst pure pump!
as a beam athlete, Brittany noticed the one thing missing from the product line was a pump product, so we got to work to create an incredible formula that would fill the gap. both the formula and flavor here have been through multiple iterations, and beam is honored to have worked with Brittany every step of the way to bring her vision to life. 
the mission for the flavor was to achieve Brittany’s “guilty pleasure” candy taste, which happened to be strawberry starburst. we didn’t have a strawberry product yet, and knew this flavor would mix amazingly with a standard pre-workout, so we slammed the gas on this.
pure pump is designed to increase blood flow, strength, and endurance during workouts. you know that feeling you get coming out of a session with insane mind to muscle connection, where you were able to feel every rep working your muscle group? pure pump elevates this, so you can feel a juicy pump every workout and leave the gym with endorphins through the roof. 
we’re so proud of the ingredient profile of pure pump:
  • citrulline - an amino acid that enhances blood flow to bring more nutrients to the working muscles.
  • betaine - a heart healthy, muscle building ingredient that increases strength, reduces fatigue, and burns fat.
  • nitrosigine - a patented ingredient to increase blood flow, enhance focus and naturally boost energy.
  • tyrosine - enhances mood, cognition, and focus for improved mind to muscle connection.
  • potassium citrate - essential electrolytes that can help improve muscle function and performance.
  • pureway-c - a powerful antioxidant for optimal absorption and enhanced recovery.
  • elevatp - helps boost cellular energy to improve performance, cognition function and aid in recovery.
  • citrapeak - boosts blood flow and derives from oranges to increase physical output, stamina and endurance.
so not only is the flavor spot-on (tastes just like your favorite strawberry chewy candy), but it’s a top-notch formula for maximum performance!
one common question is “what’s the difference between pump and your non-stim pre-workout?” and while the two mix very well together, both formulas achieve different purposes. our non-stim pre-workout has ingredients like beta-alanine to provide those tingles some people love during their session, while pure pump focuses on increasing blood flow to the muscles. 
when we train, we need blood to be pumped to our muscles in order to achieve the growth and recovery we desire - that’s why this product is a perfect addition to your current stack! add this to your regular or non-stim pre-workout, and you’ve got the perfect duo for effective workouts.
want to see more behind the scenes of the process? click here to watch Brittany meet with our team in Nashville, check out the pr boxes with her family, and tour the factory where strawberry burst pure pump is made. shop this brand new launch here before it sells out!

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