3 reasons why BEAM pre-workout is perfect for women

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The supplement industry can tend to be sexist from time to time. It has been seen favoring men over women when it comes to branding and formulation. Some brands only cater to men and make their products impossible to take if you were a female. 

This is why we feel that BEAM is a brand for everyone and we formulate our products so that anyone at any level can fully experience the “BEAM Effect.”

The worst thing that can happen when taking a pre-workout is getting that overwhelming "jittery” feeling. Once you hit that point, it makes anything and everything unpleasant. Then, all you care about is waiting for the pre-workout to get out of your system and you end up having a poor workout experience. 

BEAM took care of several aspects so that beginners or females are comfortable taking our products:

1. Caffeine Control

We formulated our pre-workout so you can choose to take one scoop or two scoop depending on your tolerance. One scoop is 125mg of natural caffeine compared to our competitors that start at 250mg of caffeine per scoop (four cups of coffee).

2. Only Uses All-Natural Caffeine

We sourced the natural caffeine in our pre-workout from Coffeeberry® (whole fruit and Green Coffee Beans). This source of caffeine needs to be digested which allows your body to not get it all at once. Most of our competitors use caffeine anhydrous which is not natural and goes immediately into your bloodstream spiking your heart rate. 

3. The Use of Adaptogens

BEAM uses several adaptogens in the pre-workout formula to help the body tolerate stress and protect the central nervous system from overstimulating. 

These three factors allow you to have jitter free energy that will feel clean and everlasting. Your body will be able to use this pre workout to fuel your training, which will help you reach your goals faster.

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