top 5 gut friendly fast food orders to try

top 5 gut friendly fast food orders to try
traveling or on the go & need to stop somewhere quick for food? if you’re trying to optimize your gut health, you might’ve avoided this in the past or just dealt with the consequences of fast food that’s hard on your stomach. you don’t have to compromise a happy gut for a quick meal though! we found the best options that digest well and keep you feeling amazing:
  1. chipotle burrito bowl with chicken or sofritas, white rice, black beans, fresh tomato salsa, romaine lettuce, and light guac
    • protein from the chicken or sofritas and healthy fats from guac to keep blood sugar stable, fiber from the beans, an easy digesting carb from white rice, and salsa + lettuce for some micros!
  2. chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwich + fruit cup
    • this sandwich packs 28 grams of protein and the bun is multi-grain to give you a bit of fiber. you’ll get micros from the fruit cup on the side! if gluten usually bothers your stomach, the grilled nuggets are a great sub for the sandwich and still have 25g of protein for an 8 piece, 38g for 12!🙂
  3. smoothie king vegan nutty super grain smoothie
    • this smoothie is loaded with potassium from bananas, healthy fats from peanut butter, 19g of plant based protein, fiber and omega-3s from grains like flax, chia, and quinoa!
  4. wendy's apple pecan chicken salad
    • fast food salads tend to have a stigma of being even more unhealthy than a burger + fries - wendy’s salad breaks that though! this salad gives you a solid 32g of protein from chicken, healthy fats from pecans, and micros from spring mix + apples. if you’re sensitive to dairy, you can ask for the blue cheese on the side! this salad totals 450 calories (+ 90 with dressing) with 28g carbs, with the protein to carb ratio, this is also a super macro friendly choice..
  5. starbucks rolled & steel-cut oatmeal
    • this oatmeal is a gem when it comes to gut-healthy fast food options. the oats provide complex carbs + fiber and the toppings all come on the side so you can choose what to add! they’ll give you nut medley for healthy fats, dried fruit, brown sugar, and blueberries. bring some of beam’s vegan or whey protein along with you when you’re on the go and you can mix this in to make it a balanced meal! beam has protein in sample packs too which make it super easy to throw in a bag.
you can totally still eat out on the go while being mindful of your gut health! give these options a try and let us know your favorite in the comments 🙂

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