the difference between beam's gut health & super greens

the difference between beam's gut health & super greens
so you’ve noticed some changes to your digestion - maybe food isn’t moving through you as well, you’re feeling a bit distended or irregular. it’s the worst and it impacts your whole day, mood & energy. lately, the wellness industry has been popping off with the term “gut health” and there are a ton of influencers out there spreading knowledge on tips and tricks to help your digestion. this awareness is great, but it can cause confusion when it comes to knowing what’s right for you.
after noticing gaps in the industry with wellness & gut health-related items that just weren’t the best quality, we made it our mission to create two solid products that you’ll love incorporating into your daily routine to improve your gut: super greens & gut health probiotic+! these both work in their own unique way and serve different purposes for you and your health - let’s dive in:
super greens is an all-in-one wellness formula to help you fill the gaps in your diet. it’s got:
  • 35 fruits & veggies per serving
  • prebiotic fiber to help feed your good gut bacteria
  • antioxidants for overall health & cell recovery
it’s also gluten free, soy free, non-gmo, naturally flavored & sweetened. plus, it comes in the most incredible flavors: chocolate, pink lemonade, piña colada, and more 🙂 super greens lovers claim the flavors are spot on, they never taste a typical greens flavor, and the texture isn’t gritty. super greens is your ideal product for general health - to help you hit your micronutrient goals!
now let’s go over gut health probiotic+: the purpose of a probiotic supplement is to introduce strains of good bacteria to the microbiome. with sufficient prebiotics, those probiotics can grow and thrive, creating a balanced, beneficial environment! we’re proud of our probiotic’s quality because it’s got:
  • 8 hand-picked strains
  • ginger root
  • licorice root
  • 2 added digestive enzymes: bacterial protase and lipase
you’ll only need to take one capsule! they also contain 10 billion cfus and are delayed release which allows them to dissolve efficiently. 
this is for you if you don’t get in many probiotic-rich foods like kimchi, sauerkraut or greek yogurt, or if your gut health could just use a boost! when you do introduce a probiotic, though, you do want to make sure you’re consuming enough prebiotics so that the probiotic is able to actually work in your microbiome. you don’t need to take super greens and gut health probiotic+ together, but doing so ensures you’ve got your bases covered here since super greens is packed with prebiotics!
before jumping on cleanses or fad diets to try to cure your bloating, the answer could be as simple as adding in some more micronutrients, pre and probiotics. luckily, super greens and gut health probiotic+ come in a convenient bundle 🙂 try it out and let us know what you think!

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