sunny D super greens - beams first collab product!

sunny D super greens - beams first collab product!
after over a year of samples and time spent refining, we at beam are so excited to announce our first collab product, sunny d super greens! that’s right - a greens supplement that tastes identical to your childhood favorite sunny d with all the same amazing benefits of our original super greens product.
this went live on may 8 and was a celebratory day for everyone at beam not only because this is the first greens powder collab in the industry, but because of the effort that both teams (beam and sunny d) put into perfecting the flavor. it was extremely important to ensure the flavor was spot on and authentic while also maintaining our standards of using no artificial colors, dyes, and sweeteners. with sunny d’s distinct flavor, this was a feat but we’re so proud we made it happen.
when this collab first started, sunny d loved the idea of being able to offer their flavor in such a unique format. many of our loyal customers grew up drinking sunny d, so we wanted to bring back that nostalgic flavor in a healthy product that you can have in your routine every day. our beam athletes were the first group to try the finalized flavor and their reviews were overwhelmingly positive - everyone is raving about the spot-on flavor.
if you haven’t tried super greens yet, let the sunny d collab be your intro! super greens goes beyond other greens powders on the market: it’s a wellness formula to support digestion, your immune system, and energy production all in one scoop. super greens strengthens your gut by giving you 25 different fruits and veggies per serving - that nutrient diversity you need! this means less bloating and constipation and better regularity. it’s also packed with prebiotic fiber, antioxidants for overall health, and is non-gmo, naturally flavored and sweetened.
beam also launched a mini sunny d blender bottle to go along with sunny d super greens 🙂 pick up the bundle and it’ll brighten your morning every time you drink your greens! you can also snag the sunny d vegan bundle with sunny d super greens, the mini blender bottle, and your choice of beam’s vegan protein. this is an awesome way to try out some of beam’s best selling products together! super greens and vegan protein have been fan favorites, especially in terms of texture and flavor. 
click here to hear from mike, the president & co-founder of beam, about this collab’s journey, their pitch to sunny d, and flavor formulation.
beam is so excited for the next collab and much more to come in 2023. join our email list to be the first to find out about new product launches and more - click here and scroll down to add your email at the bottom.
have you tried sunny d greens yet? let us know in the comments 🙂

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