maybe it's not the food causing your bloating! 8 meal-time habits to improve digestion

maybe it's not the food causing your bloating! 8 meal-time habits to improve digestion
listen up - yes, your bloating could possibly be caused by a food intolerance. they’re common and some people do need to adjust their diet to remove foods that upset their stomach. but before we jump to an allergy or intolerance, let’s take a look at your habits and the way you’re eating your meals!
if you are:
  • eating in a rush or finishing your meal within 5 minutes
  • inhaling your food, barely chewing
  • eating during a possibly stressful activity like driving or during a meeting
  • chugging water or beverages during your meal
  • laying down after eating
there’s a good chance these patterns are causing your indigestion! try these 8 habits and watch your body regulate:
  1. 5-10 deep breaths before eating. this helps reduce stress before going into a meal!
  2. avoid drinking liquids 10-20 minutes before and after meals. to properly digest, we need certain enzymes present in our gut. when we’re drinking lots of liquids near our meal, this dilutes those enzymes or flushes them away, leading to poor digestion, gas, or bloating. this can also add volume to the stomach which creates issues in breaking down the food.
  3. chew your food! digestion starts in the mouth - we want to get to applesauce consistency before swallowing.
  4. eat slowly - rushing through a meal only adds stress to your environment. slow down, enjoy your food!
  5. eat undistracted or if you have to, make it a more calm activity while you’re eating. this goes along with the theme of staying in a low-stress environment during meals.
  6. don’t lay down after meals. our body digests best in a vertical position. when we lay down, we’re not allowing our body to move food through our gi tract as efficiently as possible.
  7. go for a walk after eating. not only does this balance blood sugar, this also helps the food move through our body so we're not feeling like a rock is sitting in our stomach.
  8. take a probiotic 30 minutes before a meal. beam’s gut health probiotic+ not only has ginger root, licorice root, and digestive enzymes to break down food, prevent symptoms of heart burn and acid reflux, but 8 probiotic strains work to improve the gut lining even after eating! the delayed release capsules keep our gut healthy even after the initial meal, so we're going into the next one feeling fabulous.
if you’ve tried these 8 tips and are still having issues, then it’s a good time to evaluate a food intolerance! but we promise, these habits will make a massive difference in overall digestion and how you feel after eating.
with a bit of mindful awareness, you can still enjoy all your favorite foods bloat-free🙂

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