meet the pre-workout with zero jitters

pre workout supplement that does not cause jitters

When we created BEAM, we wanted to put the customer first. We wanted to include everyone at every experience level. Fitness should be inclusive, not exclusive.

Pre Workout Supplement Powder that doesn't give you the jitters 

With each one of our products we thought about the customer experience and pain points customers have had in the past. After doing a lot of research, we learned the biggest pain point with pre-workout was the “jitters.” This refers to an overload of caffeine leading to anxiety making you feel uncomfortable. Jitters is a workout killer and we want it to stop!


How did we protect you from the dreaded jitters? First, we used natural caffeine as our energy source. A lot of companies use caffeine anhydrous which is synthetic and your body cannot recognize it. Natural caffeine needs to get digested where synthetic goes straight into the blood stream. By digesting caffeine, your body has the power to regulate how much gets put into the blood stream. It also allows the body to deliver energy over longer periods of time preventing you from ever crashing.


Next, we added adaptogens in our formula. An adaptogen is an ingredient that allows your body to regulate stressors. When your body gets too stressed out, you get anxious or jittery. By adding the adaptogen, Ashwaghanda, to our formula, we give the body the tools it needs to regulate stressors and gives you protection from those jitters.


By protecting you from jitters, you will have incredible workouts from our pre-workout. You will get clean energy, laser focus, increased endurance, and it will allow your body to burn more calories throughout your workout.

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