five reasons why you should try workout classes

best workout classes to take

1. No Waste of Time

Workout classes have a set schedule and pack their experience(s) in 45-60 minute class. For these classes to yield rewarding success, they need to optimize that time which allows you to optimize yours. Going to a traditional gym allows you to procrastinate, go at your own pace. The usual gym workout allows you to take breaks on your own time and allows you to socialize. This cannot happen during a workout class. You have to be on time, get to work and save the socializing for after.

2. Social

By choosing to workout in class format, you are putting yourself in an environment with like minded people. Your fellow classmates will be regulars just like you. This will create a fun pre and post class environment, where you get to socialize with everyone. You can make friends, network and even find a date. It is so much easier to start a conversation after a workout then it is at a bar.  

3. More Efficient

Workout classes use specific programs that burn the most amount of calories in a much shorter period of time. Some workouts allow you to burn 1000 calories* in just 45 minutes. The average person going to a regular gym will not burn 400 calories in 2x the amount of time. This is because workout classes use HIIT training and EPOC* science maximizing the caloric burn. High intensity training will allow you to maximize your caloric output, increase cardiovascular health, and burn more calories post workout in the recovery period. HIIT classes also put you in a competitive space and pushes you further as you are doing this with others around you.  

4. Constantly changing

Every workout class has a corporate team that structures the workouts for the month as well as planning out the months ahead. That means that workouts are constantly changing so their customers do not get bored. This takes away the chance of you plateauing  making your transformation always progressing.  

5. Pushes Your Comfort Zone

I read once that you only grow when you put yourself out of your comfort zone. With working out, I couldn’t agree more. Workout classes push you harder than you ever imagined. Honestly, some of the best parts of completing a workout class is learning that you were stronger than you originally thought. Their job is to give you the best workout of your life and they wouldn't be this successful if they could't do that. You can be a pro at any one of these workout classes, yet still have one of those workouts that kick your a**. 


Why do you take workout classes? Comment below! 

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