everything you need to know about BEAM pre-workout

everything you need to know about BEAM pre-workout

There can be a lot of confusing and overwhelming information out there surrounding pre-workout. What is it? Is it safe? What is the best way to take it? What are the best ingredients? That is why in this article we are going to break down the facts about what pre-workout exactly is, the benefits of taking it, and what sets BEAM’s pre-workout apart from other companies.

What is Pre-workout? 

Pre-workout is a supplement that an individual can take in order to provide them with more energy and help improve their workouts. 

How does a pre-workout supplement help?

We work out to optimize our bodies but that is not where the process starts. By fueling your body with pre workout, you are setting up your body to perform optimally. This will give the body proper nutrients and enough energy allowing you to hit your workouts harder and get faster results. 

Are Pre-workout supplements safe? 

Our pre-workout contains no banned substances, uses top-of-the-line ingredients, and is made in a GMP, NSF-certified facility. 

Is there Caffeine in BEAM’s  Pre-workout? If so, how much? 

There is caffeine in our pre-workout, it is in its  natural form at 125mg per scoop. BEAM ensures that we never use synthetic caffeine, this helps us guarantee a more optimal experience. 

Why is natural caffeine better? 

Natural caffeine is absorbed more efficiently by the body and needs to be digested before the body can use it. This allows the body to protect itself from overstimulation or those dreaded jitters. 

Will you crash after taking our pre-workout? 

The second benefit of natural caffeine is that when you digest it, your body is able to release the amount of caffeine needed, compared to it releasing all at once. This leaves your energy levels stable and prevents spikes (which is what usually causes crashes). 

Will you get jitters on our pre-workout? 

BEAM’s pre-workout is formulated to protect the user from getting any jitters. First, we use natural caffeine but on top of that, we added adaptogens that will protect your body from over-stressing so we call these “jitter protectors”. 

What are adaptogens? 

Adaptogens are special ingredients that allow your body to adapt to stressful environments. It protects your mind, body, and helps provide clarity. Adaptogens will allow us to cope and overcome these stressors creating a zen-like feeling. BEAM added adaptogens to this formula so that you do not become “overwhelmed” and your body can fight off any jitters. 

Why do I feel tingles?

BEAM uses an ingredient called beta alanine which helps buffer lactic acid in the muscle tissue. This is one of the most important ingredients in our formula as it will aid in endurance and blood flow. The one side effect of beta-alanine is the tingles. They go away within 10 minutes or once your blood flow starts going. 

Is it allergy-friendly? 

Yes, our pre-workout supplements are vegan-friendly, soy-free, gluten-free, and are only 5 calories per scoop. 

Can you take this at night? 

This is made with caffeine so we do not recommend taking this product at night. It is better to take it early in the morning or in the afternoon at the latest. 

What is CoffeeBerry?

Coffee fruit extract is a significant antioxidant that comes from the fruit of the coffee arabica plant. Since it grows in high altitudes and close to the equator, it’s one of the most potent natural antioxidants around. 

How long does it take for the pre-workout to kick in? 

We suggest taking our pre-workout 15-20 minutes before your workout. 

How long does pre-workout last?

For those less sensitive to stimulants, the average individual can expect to feel the full effects within 20 minutes and last for 2-3 hours. For those more sensitive to stimulants, the effects will likely be felt faster and last closer to 4 hours. 

The bottom line

Pre-workout provides a surplus of energy and necessary fuel to the body, in order to combat fatigue and guarantee the absolute best results at the end of workouts. At BEAM, we offer a wide-range of pre-workout options made only with the highest quality ingredients. It is our mission to always provide the best products to our customers because at the end of the day, we always want to help you Be Amazing. 

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