best ways to pack for a trip when on a diet

best ways to pack for a trip when on a diet
let’s be honest, if you’ve perfected your routine during a dieting phase and you’ve got a trip coming up, it’s a bit daunting thinking of being off-schedule. it can be overwhelming thinking about how to approach your trip especially if you’ve seen great progress with your current routine! here’s the reality: going on a trip or traveling won’t mess with your progress if you go in with the right mindset. 
first off, a few days off routine can’t ruin weeks and months of results from being on track. let yourself relax a bit! it’s totally okay to enjoy different foods and drinks, just ensuring you’re making mindful choices and setting yourself up for success the rest of the trip. this starts with what we pack! 
packing just a few things to maintain some routine while traveling is easy and will help you feel your best mentally and physically while you’re away. we’re dropping the best packing tips for when you’re dieting:
  1. pack convenient, portable ingredients to make a quick meal in a pinch. this can give you some peace of mind knowing you have some basics either for the airport or to have wherever you’re staying. easy options:
    • dry oats. an easy airport hack? go to any cafe at the airport, ask for a cup of hot water. pour in dry oats, cover for 2 minutes and they’re cooked! 
    • nut butter packets. most grocery stores have these and they’re a convenient healthy fat source that will pass through tsa!
    • chia seeds. you can also get these in mini packets or just pour into a ziplock bag. finding solid fiber sources can be tough when traveling, but packing some chia seeds to throw into your breakfast or a quick smoothie will have you covered.
    • protein powder. this is key especially if you’re going out to eat more than usual on your trip since most restaurants skimp on protein portions. it’s easy to pack and beam has both whey and vegan options with the best flavors 🙂
  2. bring your water bottle. of course, you can’t bring liquids through tsa but bring your empty bottle! you can fill it up after security and having it throughout the trip will help you stay on top of your water goal without having to buy bottles. staying hydrated = better digestion and energy.
  3. don’t forget your greens! it’s extremely common for digestion to take a hit during travel, but yours doesn’t have to. especially with beam’s super greens travel sticks, keeping up with this part of your routine is effortless!
  4. throw in some of your staple supplements. keeping up with your supps even during travel will keep you feeling 100% and it doesn’t have to be hard. even just bringing your probiotic will keep your gut happy, mitigate bloating and keep you regular while you’re away. beam’s gut health probiotic+ comes in the most travel-friendly packaging!
  5. pack a couple of your favorite workout outfits! working out while traveling is totally up to you, but getting in a bit of movement and letting those endorphins flow can feels great and maintains consistency. if it’s a vacation, you may want to lean into shorter or less intense workouts which is totally okay! having your fave outfits on hand can keep you motivated to get in even a short session.
  6. make your workouts efficient & effective with travel-friendly pre-workout! beam’s incredible formula gives you everything you need for a solid session no matter where you are, plus it comes in travel sticks so there’s no reason not to bring it along.
use these next time you’re jet setting and you’ll be all set to maintain some routine during your trip!
lastly, just remember that even if you’re dieting, having a bit of a change in routine for a few days is totally okay. use these tips to keep you prepared and enjoy your time away 🙂

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