5 reasons your gut / bloating issues aren't going away

5 reasons your gut / bloating issues aren't going away
let’s be real - gut issues are no fun. bloating, constipation, indigestion, fatigue are insanely frustrating to deal with, especially if you don’t know how to solve them. 
with gut health being a trending topic in the wellness industry, you’re probably seeing tons of different approaches for how to heal your gut. maybe you’ve tried a few but still can’t seem to figure things out, and you’re getting burnt out looking into all the different methods the internet has to offer. the issue with a lot of the methods shown online is that they’re neglecting some key factors that will make or break your healing journey! 
we’re letting you in on 5 things that will hold you back, so you can get over your gut issues once & for all:
  1. you’re focusing on “clean” foods but still not eating enough overall. yes, nutrient density is important but chronic under-eating is a stressor on the body which will prolong your gut issues. 
  2. you’re not optimizing lifestyle factors like sleep, hydration and nutrient intake. lack of these things will add stress to the body, resulting in poor gut balance. make sure you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night, drinking around 100 oz water per day and eating a variety of nutrients for those micros!
  3. you don’t know how to manage your stress. you think stress is just feeling overwhelmed, but stress is a (if not the biggest) contributor to gut issues. the “gut-brain axis” is a communication loop between our brain and our gut, so any type of emotional or mental stress can translate into gut dysbiosis if it’s not managed, but it doesn’t stop there. lack of sleep, over training, and under-eating are all massive stressors on our body! stress management involves not only the mental aspect, but making sure all factors impacting our body being in a fight-or-flight mode are taken care of.
  4. you’re not supporting your microbiome. did you know your gut needs essential probiotics & prebiotics in order to heal? beam’s gut health probiotic + and super greens are your perfect duo here. 
    • gut health probiotic+ has 8 hand-picked strains of key probiotics to restore balance in your gut. probiotics feed on prebiotics, and that’s where super greens comes in!
    • super greens gives you 26 different fruits & veggies per serving so you’re getting that nutrient variety, plus it’s packed with prebiotic fibers to sustain those probiotics. this duo is super easy to take since gut health probiotic + is just one capsule per day, super greens is 1 scoop per day and tastes incredible. try out our new sunny d flavor, or try a fan-favorite like cherry limeade!
  5. you’re impatient and you give up too soon. this takes time! your body can do this, it’s just going to take time and consistency with the right habits to turn things around.
remember, even though it’s a journey it is possible to feel better, heal your gut and improve digestion. we promise it’s worth the effort 🙂

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