5 reasons you should supplement with collagen

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Collagen is famous for its benefits regarding beauty but there is so much more to collagen. It is the most prevalent protein found in your body's tissue and is the major building block of your bones, skin, hair, and nails. Having more collagen in your diet is always beneficial and here are five reasons why you should try a collagen supplement:

1. Improves Skin Health

Collagen makes up ⅓ of our tissue, it plays a vital role in skin cell production and elasticity. Collagen can strengthen your skin, hydrate it, and prevent it from aging or wrinkles. 

2. Stimulates Hair and Nail Growth 

Hair is made up of amino acids found in protein so consuming enough of those aminos will help prevent hair loss and hair thinning. Collagen is made up of precisely those amino acids and by supplementing with collagen, your body is getting an abundance of of these nutrients that will lead to fuller, thicker hair. 

3. Help Relieve Joint Pain

Collagen has been proven to help maintain the integrity of your cartilage in your joints that helps protect them. As you age, your body's natural collagen production slows down and if you supplement with collagen, you can improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and overall joint pain. 

4. Prevents Bone Loss

Your bones are made up of mostly collagen so when you supplement with collagen, you are giving the body more resources that will prevent bone loss. This slows down the process and has been proven even more effective with a calcium supplement as well. 

5. Promotes Heart Health 

As you already know by this article, collagen provides elasticity to your cells and that is very important when it comes to your heart and overall heart health. Collagen allows your arteries to be more elastic and responsive to the body. On top of this health benefit, studies showed that participants supplementing with collagen increased their “good” HDL cholesterol by 6%. More studies are needed, but this is a very important effect to collagen supplementation.

Overall collagen provides many benefits and the best part is that it comes  unflavored so you can mix it with literally anything. If you are looking to improve your life in any of these 5 examples, we suggest you trying a Collagen supplement. 

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